Mbira Kalimba musical Instrument
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 Mbira size: 22cm x 18cm

Mbira Kalimba musical instrument. The mbira was made by Andrew Tawedzera of Chiota Village. The mbira was made in 2008 is well tuned and can be played with western instruments and Marimba.All our items comes with free shipping

The Shona Mbira DzaVadzimu

 Native to the Shona culture of Zimbabwe, the mbira dzavadzimu (literally, “the mbira of the ancestral spirits”) is a diatonic instrument with 22 to 28 metal keys (lamellae) fixed to a wooden soundboard, which is then wedged to a gourd resonator (deze), used to amplify its resonance. Rattling pieces of metal, bottle caps, or shells are often attached to the instrument, and in turn produce buzzing sounds when the keys are plucked. The interaction of two or more players, singers, hosho (gourd rattles), and sometimes drummers and rhythmic hand-clapping creates a complex and sophisticated musical fabric that requires a shift in musical perspective of the listener and performer.

Tied to traditional Shona spiritual beliefs and cultural practices, the mbira and its repertory predate the arrival of European explorers in the 16th-century. Some of the traditional songs are said to date back over 1,000 years. The sophistication of the instrument and the music, however, has also led to their adoption and adaptation by contemporary musicians in Africa, Asia and the West.

Although, at the highest levels, the music of the mbira is complex, virtuosic, emotionally compelling, and musically and spiritually profound; the beginning player can learn and perform a piece in a matter of hours


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Mbira Kalimba musical Instrument

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